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Aubert Trio

Tuesday, 3 February at 1:15pm - FREE ADMITTANCE - Retiring Collection

Aubert Trio

Ross Newton - clarinet

Kalina Dimitrova - cello

Warwick Hewson - piano


      Clarinet Trio Op. 11

          I. Allegro con brio

          II. Adagio

          III. Tema: Pria ch'io l'impegno. Allegretto - Var. I-IX


      Piano Trio Op. 120

          I. Allegro, ma non troppo

          II. Andantino

          III. Allegro vivo


The Aubert Trio, formerly known as a piano trio, reformed with clarinet in 2013. Their première performance was at St Olave Church in London which commenced a busy schedule of performances in the UK and France. They started an annual concert tour to the Charente in France and launched their tour at the beautiful garden setting of Les Jardins du Chaigne.


The Aubert Trio performs regularly in London at venues such as St Peter's Church Notting Hill and Blackheath Halls. Their 2014 plans include an appearance at the Maldon Festival in Essex on 22nd June and their second tour to France with performances in Charente and the Sarrazac Music Festival in July.