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Piano duo Beth & Flo

Tuesday, 16 October at 1:15pm - FREE ADMITTANCE - Retiring Collection

Piano duo Beth & Flo

Ruben Naeff

The Aftermath

C Saint-Saëns

from The Carnival of the Animals

Introduction and Royal March of the Lion  

Cocks and Hens; Swift animals; Tortoises 

Kangaroos; Aviary

J Brahms

Waltzes op. 39

1 - B major

2 - E major

3 - G sharp minor

6 - C sharp major

Hungarian dances

1 - G minor

2 - D minor

A Dvořák

Slavonic dance op. 46, no. 7 - C minor

C Saint-Saëns

Carnival of the Animals



Beth & Flo - Elsbet Remijn and Claudette Verhulst - first met during their studies at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (NL). They studied with the late Rian de Waal, and in 2014 Elsbet and Claudette graduated for their Masters with, respectively, Ellen Corver and David Kuijken. As classical pianists they strive for the 'touch of theatre' within their classical repertoire, and like to surprise the audience with their natural flair and energetic playing. Placing the music into a context and interaction with the audience are important elements in Beth & Flo's concerts. Concert venues where they performed include Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, and other halls and theatres in the Netherlands. Some of their performances were broadcast on national TV and Radio in the Netherlands. In 2017, Beth & Flo performed concerts in New York and also in Sicily, participating in the international music competition IBLA Grand Prize, where they were ajudged 'Most Distinguished Musicians' with a jury mark of 8,7. They also received a special mention for their performance of a piece by the Dutch composer Ruben Naeff.

Beth & Flo have played at festivals such as the Uitmarkt (showcasing the coming cultural season) and the Netherlands' leading classical music festival - Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. Another special occasion was the EYE Filmbal in April 2016, where the duo played live music on two grand pianos for a silent film from 1907. In 2017-2018 Beth & Flo tour for 'Kunst in de Kamer' - playing in more than 30 living rooms in the Netherlands and Belgium. In October 2016 the duo released their first professional recordings 'Een Vleugeltje Klassiek' - the one and only Beth & Flo USB-sticks, shaped like a tiny grand piano! New recordings will be released in the autumn of 2018.

Theatrical concerts - In 2013 and 2014, Beth & Flo were selected to perform in the Café Theater Festival in Utrecht. Together with director Elisabeth Boor they created two short concert performances - 'Where did you get that hat?' (2013), based on 19th century Music Hall and British 'variety' shows, combined with classical piano repertoire from the 19th century.

In 2014 they played 'Oui, oui, zo ies èt levèn', ('Oui, oui, such is life'), a cheerful Parisian setting about love, with music of French composers and a few 'chansons'. Perhaps their most spectacular performance so far, 'Slaande Ovatie' ('Slamming Ovation'), premiered in 2015 at the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. In this staged concert, directed by Jorinde Keesmaat, a grand piano is placed in a boxing ring, and Beth & Flo are not only pianists but also kickboxers between whom a fierce contest develops - a knockabout concert which combines music with the art of fighting, and at the same time explores the impact that physical exhaustion has on piano playing.

Beth & Flo perform in concert halls and theatres, and love to play in places where classical music is rarely ever heard. Curious for more?

'Beth & Flo - piano duo with a theatrical touch!'

As classical pianists, Elsbet Remijn and Claudette Verhulst search for the 'touch of theatre' within the classical repertoire they play. Both graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (NL). As a duo they are praised for their natural flair and energetic playing. Beth & Flo have performed in renowned concert venues such as Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, and outside the Netherlands they have played in New York and in Sicily. October brings Beth & Flo to London, with an exciting programme including a selection from the intensely romantic Six Pieces op.11 by Rachmaninov, swinging and rhythmical music by Dutch composer Ruben Naeff and the fun and vivid 'Carnival of the Animals' by Saint-Saëns.