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Annual Wren Talk: Peter Rees

wren_talk.jpgProfessor Peter Rees, former City Planning Officer at the Corporation of London, will be giving this year's annual Wren talk on Wednesday 11th June at 7pm.

He will be speaking about the continuing influence Wren has had on London since the 17th century.

Describing Wren as a 'master architect and failed planner' Professor Rees says: "We were spared Wren's post-fire plan for the City, but inherited viewing corridors and St Paul's Heights. He has influenced the later planning of London in ways which are good, bad and unintended."

Paul Finch, editorial director of the Architects' Journal, will introduce The Wren Talk, which takes place as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Tickets are available in advance at the discounted price of £10 (£15 on the door).

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