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St Bride's: News

Wannabe Wrens

Wren Talk 2014

Adrian Tinniswood

Historian and writer Adrian Tinniswood launched the latest INSPIRE! Legacy initiative, to support an educational and tourist centre in the crypt at St Bride's: The Wren Centre.

In association with the Construction Youth Trust - the first in a programme of talks to "Wannabe Wrens" has been held to inform 16 to 17 old people of their educational and career decisions post-18.

In a full day's tour taking in St Bride's, St Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern, Tinniswood gave a critique outlining Wren's entrepreneurial spirit, as the greatest architect that England has ever known, also acknowledging his many talents in science, agriculture, ballistics, water, freezing light and refraction.

The use of St Bride's and the development of The Wren Centre in the educational process will serve to provide a 'new' learning module for architecture, the City skyline and the urban landscape.

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