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St Bride's Talents II - The Sequel

Talents 2 The Sequel.jpgARE WE TALENTED... ERRRRGGG, YES WE ARE!


Yes, that was the rate of return on the first part of the Talents scheme run by members of St Bride's congregation as part of the Inspire! Appeal. The scheme is based of the parable of the talents which tells of a story whereby a master gives his servants a sum of money to invest or use in his absence. He returns and asks each of them what they did with it and how much profit they made. Most did well but one buries it, or figuratively puts it under his mattress, because he was afraid to make a loss. He is the one that is chastised. The others are praised and rewarded for their enterprise and creativity.

More than 20 participants were given stakes of £425 and over a 7 month period challenged to go out and multiply it using their own talents. This has produced a return of over £10, 000. Making limoncello, selling bespoke jigsaw puzzles, writing beautifully scripted letters, baking cakes, making jam, "Bob-a-job", tour guiding, various physical challenges, yoga, raffles were only some of the of the creative ideas undertaken by our the valiant money raisers. All were welcome to join in and ages ranged from 12 to 75.

As one participant said, the hardest thing was to decide what to do; so she decided to try something that she had never done before but had always wanted to try. Her £20 stake grew into £825 and left her wondering whether she should do more as a part-time job! Not only did it empower her to try something that she had spent a long time wondering about, but because it involved her contacting  long lost friends and acquaintances, she has renewed and refreshed some friendships, made new friends and contacts and found that it was a very fulfilling personal experience.

St Bride's Talents II - The Sequel

Even if you have participated before, we are now going to challenge everyone again. Have you got a talent? Is it something that you either can do very well or want to give a try? Can you sell something or perform a service ideally to the general public (i.e. not to other members of the congregation)? Make new contacts? Is it something that you can do alone or with a buddy or friend?

So, on Sunday 6th July 2014, 11am St Bride's will provide stakes of money that you can invest or put to use wisely. The profits of which will collected in the summer and go towards the Inspire! Appeal.

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