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Farage takes Great War theme for this year's Tom Olsen Lecture

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Nigel Farage, UK Independence Party leader, will address his audience on 10th November from the very spot where the preacher at St Bride's, the media church, usually delivers the sermon. The politician, and First World War enthusiast, will be focusing his energy on the Great War and its legacy, an event that will coincide with Armistice Day.

The talk will be followed by a question and answer session chaired by Con Coughlin, War and Defence Editor of The Daily Telegraph.

He follows a long line of well known figures who have faced Fleet Street, among them George Osborne when he was Shadow Chancellor, the then Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, actors and familiar media faces.

The late Tom Olsen - the lecture series, which date back to 1991 and carries his name - was a distinguished Fleet street journalist, leader writer editor and author, sometimes using the non de plume John Morrell. In later years he became particularly known as wine correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph and was a frequent visitor to the famous Wren church - the spiritual home of journalists worldwide.

Lecture Title: 'We will remember them'
The effects of The Great War and the legacy to contemporary Europe.

Date: Monday 10th November

Time: 7pm

Doors Open: 6.30pm

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