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Remembrance Tide

Remembrance Tide

A striking feature of the Church's calendar at this time of the year is the cluster of services that we hold in early November, all of which have the theme of Remembering at their heart.

These are our All Saints' Day choral eucharist and Commemoration of the Faithful Departed at our All Souls tide evensong on 5th November; Remembrance Sunday on 12th November; and our annual Journalists' Commemorative Service on 21st November.

The Church has long-recognised the importance of having such times of remembering, which are significant in a whole range of ways. Some of these occasions enable us to honour the memory of individuals who have died, who have been significant for us in some way, so that we can honour their memories and acknowledge their continuing importance to us.

Other acts of remembrance require us to pause and remember past tragedies, so that we cannot forget their costliness, in terms of human life and human suffering. And when we share in these times of remembering as a community, we are reminded that, when we acknowledge the pain of loss, and reflect on the lessons of the past, we do not have to do so alone.

These are unusually important and significant events, bringing us back in touch with those whom we love; healing past memories; and acknowledging the devastating lessons of history so that we can learn from them. They help to keep us in touch with some of the most essential features of our humanity, which is why they are so powerful. Do please join us for one or more of these immensely important occasions.

Our remembrance tide offering is complemented this year by a free exhibition in the crypt by artist Ted Harrison entitled "The Sins of the World" which runs throughout this period.

Choral Eucharist for All Saints' Day: Sunday 5th November at 11am


All Saints' is a time to remember those whose lives have been particularly shaped by God's grace, and to recall and be encouraged by their example.

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Choral Evensong for All Souls Tide: Sunday 5th November at 5:30pm


This year we shall again be holding a special service for All Souls Tide. The first part of the service follows our regular order for Choral Evensong, after which the choir will process to the rear of the church, and the lights are dimmed.

The names of those family members and friends whom we have been asked to commemorate will be read aloud, as candles are lit on the altar in their memory.

The effect of the blaze of tiny living flames on the darkened altar, is both moving and memorable, and reminds us that the souls of the faithful live on in the hands of God, even though they are now beyond our reach.

After a choir anthem is sung from the rear of the darkened church, the lights are restored, as we sing hymns of resurrection and hope. Those who attended this service last year, still refer to it as a very special event!

If you are able to attend this service, and would like us to remember by name any friends or family members, please email, or write their names (legibly, please!) on the list at the back of church.

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Remembrance Sunday: 12th November at 10:50am


We shall, as always, be marking Remembrance Sunday with a special service on the Sunday nearest Armistice Day. Our choir, accompanied by the St Bride Orchestra, will be singing the Fauré Requiem, and the service will begin by marking the traditional two minute silence with the playing of the Last Post and the laying of commemorative wreaths.

This service has particular poignancy, as we continue to mark the centenary of the First World War, and its terrible human cost, as well as remembering the victims of war throughout the ages.

The Journalists' Commemorative Service - In The Eye Of The Storm: Tuesday 21st November at 6:30pm


Our ministry to journalists and to those working in every area of the media industry, remains one of the most important and distinctive aspects of our life at St Bride's.

This is never more apparent than at our annual Journalists' Commemorative Service, which is attended by leading figures in the world of the press, television, radio, and digital media. During the service we light candles for journalists and their support staff who have died or who have been killed on the front-line this year; we remember also those who are missing, imprisoned, or held hostage; and we also hold in prayer those who are out in the field, covering stories at great personal risk to themselves.

Our main speaker this year will be Sam Kiley, Foreign Affairs Editor, Sky News.

Audio & Transcript Archive of Past Services→

"The Sins Of The World" - A Meditation on a century of Genocide and War: October 29th - December 1st

sinsworld2.jpgThis year we are delighted to host a free exhibition by artist Ted Harrison in the Crypt of St Bride's.

The fifteen paintings link contemplation of the Passion of Christ with reflections on the horrors and evils of modern day warfare through iconic media images.

The exhibition runs throughout the period of Remembrance Tide up to the start of Advent.

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