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'Beyond the Darkness...'

A service to commemorate the life of Mary Ann Nichols (26th August 1845 - 31st August 1888) and to remember the plight of women affected by sexual exploitation in our city today will be held at St Bride's on Sunday 26th August at 5:30pm.

'Polly' Nichols was the first identified victim of the unknown killer commonly referred to as 'Jack the Ripper'. She was born in St Bride's parish, a short distance from our church, and was married here, to a man who worked in the printing industry, on 16th January 1864.

At this service, held on the 173rd anniversary of Polly Nichols' birth, and five days before the 130th anniversary of her killing, we shall be telling her story, and remembering her life - a story shared by so many unfortunate women of her own day, which also has startling parallels with the plight of women who are affected by sexual exploitation today.

This commemorative service of choral music, hymns, readings and prayers will replace our normal service of Choral Evensong.

The organisation Beyond the Streets runs 'Alternative' Jack the Ripper tours, which focus on the untold stories of his victims and their lives, and draw parallels with the stories of women affected by sexual exploitation in East London today. For more information see their website: 'A Hidden History of Women in the East End: The Alternative Jack the Ripper Tour'.

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