St Bride's: News - A light shines in the darkness

Updated 08/09/20: St Bride's Church is open for general visiting and prayer. There is a weekly 11am Sunday Choral Eucharist and recitals resume from 11th September. Choral services and lunchtime recitals also remain available online. NB: Face coverings in places of worship are a legal requirement. Further Information →

St Bride's: News

A light shines in the darkness

A light shines in the darkness

When the Guild of St Bride was originally established in 1375, its primary purpose was to maintain a light burning before the statue of 'St Bridget the Virgin' (St Bride), our patron saint.

This ancient part of our tradition has gained a new role and significance in the life of St Bride's, since (along with all other churches) we were required to close our doors and cease all public worship here.

Our Rector, Alison Joyce, is still permitted to enter the church, because the rectory connects to it directly. She is keeping that light burning before our main altar each day. This not only symbolises the light of Christ that continues to shine throughout these dark days, but also reminds us that the spirit of St Bride's remains very much alive.

Worship continues to be offered each day within the church's walls. The Rector says the daily offices (morning and evening prayer) each day, and intercessions are offered on behalf of us all, especially those who are sick, isolated at home, or for whom life is a struggle at present.

If you have any prayer requests that you would like to pass on to her, please do so. You can email her at, or leave a message for her via the office phone (which is being answered remotely): 020 7427 0133.

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