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Updated 10/02/21: St Bride’s will be open for private prayer on Ash Wednesday and on the Sundays during Lent, although we regret that there will be no organised worship in church until 28th March and the church will be closed at all other times. Further Information →

St Bride's: News

Clergy Moves

Clergy Moves

One of our associate priests is moving on

Mark Fox is taking up the role of Associate Priest at St Margaret's Lothbury, where he served as Assistant Curate when first ordained in 2013.

Mark's background in journalism and his long relationship with St Bride's as a member of the congregation made his connection with us an obvious one, and he was warmly welcomed here three years ago.

His 'day job' as Chief Executive of The Business Services Association means that he is based in Fleet Street and this has enabled him to be a regular officiant at our 1:15pm Said Eucharist on Wednesdays and daily morning prayer, serving our weekday congregation.

Mark writes:

'I would like to say thank you to Alison for permitting and encouraging my involvement. Thank you to Robin and David for the outstanding support they provide, and to the whole team that makes St Bride's work so smoothly. Warmth and good will is a special characteristic of the St Bride's community. My family and I have often felt and appreciated it.'

Mark will continue as a Guild Chaplain so doubtless we shall see him back here from time to time.

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