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Updated 11/01/21: In accordance with received advice and the need to keep everyone safe and well, we regret that acts of worship are temporarily suspended in church but all remain available online. The church is also temporarily closed (currently until February). Please check regularly as this may change at short notice. Further Information →

St Bride's: News

A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message

The Nativity at Night, Geertgen tot St. Jans, c.1490, oil on wood, NG4081, National Gallery, London

Our celebration of Christmas has never been more important, nor more relevant to the challenges we face, as 2020 draws to a close.

At the heart of the darkest and bleakest month of the year, Christians mark the dawning of a new kind of hope, and the prospect of a different kind of future, as we celebrate the coming of the light of Christ into our world. It is a gift that takes the most surprising and unexpected of forms: the birth of a child in an animal shed two thousand years ago, whose appearance on earth will transform the world. This wonderful gift invites us to respond, not only with rejoicing, but with love and generosity of heart to those around us. It reminds us that even the smallest act of kindness can help to transform a life.

Christmas will be a very different experience for all of us at the end of this dark and difficult year, and we may need to be imaginative and creative in finding new ways to celebrate it. But to revisit the wonderful and hope-filled Christmas story in words and music, and to carry something of that hope into the world around us, where so many are lonely or struggling, is a very good place to start!

On the practical side, all of our usual Advent services and events will be available online and, where restrictions allow, also in church. Please register for all events both online and in church so that we can keep everyone informed of any changes and safely manage numbers attending in church.

Fleet Street Carols is our busiest event in the year. Sadly, for that very reason, we have had to make this year's event online only as we cannot safely accommodate all who usually attend. However, St Bride's Choir, our readers, drummer and clergy have got together and videoed the service in advance. This will be streamed online and we hope you will welcome them all into your homes for our spirited community celebration of Christmas on Thursday 17th December.

Here is a list of our Advent and Christmas services and events which will continue as is allowed under government guidance for places of worship under Tier 4. Follow the links for further information and please remember to register.

Sunday 6th December

Further Information & Registration →

Sunday 13th December

5:30pm Ceremony of Carols - Benjamin Britten (preceded by Plainsong Evensong)
Further Information & Registration →

Thursday 17th December

12 & 5pm Fleet Street Carols (Online Only)
Further Information & Registration →

Sunday 20th December

5:30pm A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols
Further Information & Registration →

Christmas Eve, Thursday 24th December

4:30pm Sing Choirs of Angels
Further Information & Registration →

11:30pm Midnight Mass
Further Information & Registration →

Christmas Day, Friday 25th December

11am Christmas Day Family Service
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