The Celtic Month of March - St Bride's: Reflection

St Bride's: Sermons

The Celtic Month of March

March begins with the feast of St. David, Patron Saint of Wales, and ends in the middle of Holy Week, just before Maundy Thursday and right in the middle is the Feast of St. Patrick (17th March). Our Patron Saint, Bridget of Kildare, St Bride, comes from this same rich Celtic tradition. Celtic Christianity flourished during the seven centuries between the departure of the Romans and the arrival of the Normans. Its most striking feature is its monastic character.

Celtic Christianity has much to teach us with its emphasis upon worship, life lived in the community, and a reverence for the environment in which we live. It nurtured great saints and created places of pilgrimage which we still visit today.

Our Celtic vision for St Bride's is as a centre of spiritual excellence which offers uplifting worship, and where people come for inspiration, refreshment and healing.

May you find a glimpse of that vision when you visit us during Lent, as together we prepare to celebrate the joy and triumph of Easter.

Details of Lent & Easter at St Bride's

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