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A Hard Calling

A Hard Calling

A service to commemorate journalists, camera-crew and support staff who have died in the conflicts of the 21st Century while bringing us the news was held at St Bride's Church on Monday 22nd October at 6:30pm. In the presence of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.

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Two years ago, Marie Colvin described her work as "a hard calling" when she gave the address at this commemorative service. She described the risks that she and her colleagues took to speak truth to power and send home that first rough draft of history.

In February this year, Marie died in Homs covering the conflict in Syria. Tragically, she too became a victim of war: she paid with her life for her bravery, commitment and dedication.

Tonight, we remember Marie, and many others like her, who have lost their lives to bring us the story. She hoped that because of what she did and others still do, people back home will care enough to read their stories, listen to their reports and watch their broadcasts.

Tonight we are keeping faith with them by remembering and celebrating "the hard calling" that is frontline journalism.

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