St Bride's Listen Online: Choral Eucharist: Trinity

St Bride's: Listen Online

Choral Eucharist: Trinity

Choral Eucharist: Trinity

The Chapel of Lužany Castle

Listen Online to our webcast of Choral Eucharist: Trinity recorded Live @ St Bride's on Sunday 16 June.

Setting & Anthem: Mass in D - Dvořák

Dvořák was commissioned by his friend Josef Hlavka to write this mass for the consecration of Hlavka's private chapel at Lužany Castle. Similar in scale to St Bride's, Dvořák had to scale down his usual forces; he wrote, "This time, however, I have written for only a modest presentation, and still I dare to claim that my work has turned out well."

We are grateful to the St Bride's Orchestra for joining us at this service. (NB: The performers are at the West End of Church, further from the fixed microphones than usual.)

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