St Bride's Listen Online: Easter Sunday Choral Eucharist

Updated 05/07/20: St Bride's Church is open for general visiting and private prayer; however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Sunday choral services and lunchtime recitals remain online. Further Information →

St Bride's: Listen Online

Easter Sunday Choral Eucharist

Easter Sunday Choral Eucharist

This service is also available on our SoundCloud & Facebook pages.

St Bride's doors are currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. This service has been collated from our extensive archive of live recordings together with specially recorded prayers, sermon, and readings & collects for Easter Sunday.

Setting: Missa Brevis - Kodaly
Canticle: Easter Hymn from Cavalleria rusticana - Mascagni
AnthemVictimae Paschali - Byrd

Download: Easter Day Service Booklet (pdf)

To the Paschal Victim,
Christians, offer a sacrifice of praise.
The Lamb has ransomed his sheep;
the innocent Christ has reconciled sinners with the Father.
Death and life confronted each other in a prodigious battle;
the Prince of life who died, now reigns living.
Tell us, Mary, what did you see upon the way?
I saw the sepulcher of the living Christ;
I saw the glory of the Risen One.
I saw the angels, his witnesses, the shroud and the garments.
Christ, my Hope, is risen; he will go before his own into Galilee.
We know that Christ is truly risen from the dead;
O Victorious King, have mercy on us.

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