St Bride's: Worship & Ministry


Appendix A - Mission Action Plan

Statement of Purpose

As part of the Church of England, St Bride's offers traditional, welcoming and inclusive worship, supported by our Guild. We combine world-class music with thoughtful preaching and an architectural setting of great beauty. The church is a much-loved spiritual home to all who live and work in Fleet Street, the media, old and new, and the institutions of the City, including our associated Livery companies.


This Mission Action Plan builds on the excellent work done over the past three years under the first MAP and seeks to define the focus of our activities as a church over the coming three years. Its starting point is the enduring mission and values set out in the appendix and its overall purpose is to ensure that we continue to promote them effectively into the future.

In addition, the Diocese of London has now prepared 'Capital Vision 2020', a document that sets out a vision for the Church in London in 2020. In particular, the vision identifies three broad goals for this period, the '3 Cs';

  • more Confident in speaking and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ (by communicating the Gospelin new media, commissioning ambassadors to represent Christ daily, increasing numbers of ordinands)
  • more Compassionate in serving communities with the love of God the Father (by fighting poverty, injustice and inequality, opening our buildings to the community, stronger links with schools)
  • more Creative in reaching new people and places with the Good News in the power of the Spirit (by doubling our numbers of young people, renewing or creating worshipping communities, engaging more closely with sport and the arts and sharing stories of our faith more widely)

The MAP sets a series of broad targets for us as a church by which we will judge success and identifies a set of priority actions, split down into individual tasks and assigns responsibilities for leading them. These actions are grouped under headings that reflect the '3Cs' and those plans that are particularly consistent with those targets are highlighted in italics.

There is generally a good match between the Diocesan '3Cs' and our own plans, though the extent to which it fully meets the exhortation to be more compassionate is less clear. Although we have undertaken activities such as the 'Sleep-out' for 'Street Child World Cup', it is worth considering whether we are fully rising to the challenge of enabling 'new initiatives to fight poverty, inequality and injustice in London and worldwide, including our joint venture with the Church Urban Fund'.


  •  Generate at least £1.5m from the Inspire! Appeal to repair the fabric
  • Complete the programme of restoration, cleaning and redecoration
  • Grow congregational numbers by 10% vs. 2013
  • Form relationship with at least one new livery company
  • Be recognised as the media's church, not just for journalists
  • Grow income ahead of inflation
  • Create one integrated database for all our communications

Strategic Priorities


1.      Improve communications with all key audiences

2.      Maintain a sustainable financial and commercial position


3.      Restore the physical fabric of the church


4.      Sustain and grow congregational numbers (especially younger members)

5.      Forge closer links with digital and other media groups

6.      Enhance links with Livery companies

7.      Sustain our distinctive liturgy with its musical excellence

Action Plans for Strategic Priorities

Create a sustainable financial and commercial position

  • Complete Appeal fund-raising
  • Build personal giving
  • Enhance media support
  • Develop legacy programme
  • Grow tour traffic and shop income

Improve communications with all key audiences

  • Clarify and implement disciplined branding
  • Create a single integrated database
  • Develop forward-looking communications plan for each key audience

Restore the physical fabric of the church

  • Ensure the structure is effectively repaired, especially externally
  • Redecorate internally
  • Widen use of the building, including crypt, by local business, musical and community groups

Swell congregational numbers (especially younger members)

  • Retain people brought to us by the 'Occasional Offices' more effectively
  • Develop a more ambitious plan to increase Confirmations
  • Develop plan for early teens (post-Sunday school) and KEW links
  • Seek additional ways to boost Evensong numbers
  • Plug into ecclesiastical 'tourism' circuit

Forge closer links with digital and other media groups

  • Find ways of linking with the wider communications industry outside newspapers
  • Develop a programme to reach publishers at all levels, not just the most senior
  • Building links with digital organisations such as AOP and IAB
  • Invite other relevant media groups to build ties

Enhance links with Livery Companies

  • Sustain Stationers' Company links
  • Make better use of skills/contacts of Marketors' Company
  • Look at other 'media' Livery companies

Sustain our distinctive liturgy with its musical excellence

  • Regular appraisal of staff and choir team
  • Find new ways to promote our musical offering and use digital media to spread more widely
  • Ensure the Guild continues to fulfil a valuable and leading role in worship