St Bride's: Worship & Ministry

Appendix C - 2014 Questionnaire

A Questionnaire from your Churchwardens

Q.1 What are the qualities that we should be looking for in our next Rector?

Q.2 What role do you think St Bride's should play within:

The media?

The City of London?

The business community in the parish?

Q.3 What do you think are the areas where St Bride's could improve/be even better?

Q.4 How well do you think St Bride's caters for the following groups?

(Excellent    Good  Average     Fair    Poor)



Young couples

Families with young children

Those who are 50 and over

Q.5 Do you feel that St Bride's is a truly inclusive church - welcoming to all? If not, where could we improve?

Q.6 Are there any other comments you would like to make to help us in our decision?