St Bride's: Worship & Ministry

Appendix D - Summary of Responses

More of the same...

Journalist Altar.jpgGreat support for the church's continuing role with the media, the city, the livery companies and local business - with some caveats about the importance of attracting younger and 'new media' people as the media changes. There were several suggestions that the church could be helpful in being more challenging to both the city and the media on ethical issues.

"St Bride's has a unique role as the journalists' church, a role it should continue to nurture and develop"

St Bride's Choir 2.jpgThere are a lot that say 'another David Meara please' and the qualities that people mention are compassion, ability to get on with the different stakeholders, approachability, fundraising ability, warmth, sense of fun and sense of humour, plus ability to manage a team and run a financially successful church.

"A willingness to take the church forward, not just as a place steeped in history but as a 'living' church with an active and lively congregation, wonderful music, a strong sense of community and great plans for the future"

Enormous support for the traditional liturgy and the choir and music.

"The music is vital"

Even better ifchildren2.jpg...

Spirituality - there was a desire expressed by several respondents for a rector who could help individuals and the congregation grow spiritually, building on confirmations and pilgrimages.

"St Bride's should be a place of questioning. The City needs some soul-searching along with some help in resolving ethical issues"

New Media.jpgFew respondents thought St Bride's did a good job at reaching out to teenagers, and several asked for a rector who has some feeling for young people and how to engage the post-Sunday school teenagers.

"Further connection to the younger congregation is important"

A number mentioned the importance of the new rector being comfortable with and active in new media.

"Someone who is able to grasp new media and is a communicator"


Several wanted a greater sense of connection to the wider world (several mentioned the homeless in the capital city). 'I feel the new person must be more punchy and attention grabbing, propelling St Bride's forward and into the limelight'.

"There could be more reaching out to the disadvantaged in need of help"