St Bride's: News - Long-serving Guild member dies at the age of 80

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St Bride's: News

Long-serving Guild member dies at the age of 80

jteasdale.jpgJohn Teasdale, quiet, dapper, loveable member of the St Bride's Church family, was until his recent death, the joint third longest-serving member of the Guild of St Bride. Despite all his personal problems of late, John simply did not look 80 years of age, and was regularly on duty in this, his beloved St Bride's in Fleet Street.

At his funeral service, the Rector, Canon David Meara, said that John and his wife Helen were totally devoted to each other. They had a real love of cruising the river Thames and the canals in their boat. The Rector quoted words from Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat: 'Let your boat of life be light, packed only with what you need, a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, someone to love and someone to love you.' The words, he said, could have been written for John and Helen.

John Teasdale, was an accomplished violinist, and Helen, also a musician, was one of the first members of the renowned St Bride's Choir. He was a very private person, both gentle and kind and took his guild duties with great seriousness and his faith sustained him, especially during difficult times these past few years. He was, the congregation was told, 'a good man, a very English man and a godly man.'

May he rest in peace. And rise in glory.

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