St Bride's: News - Anthony John Boram (1930-2005)

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St Bride's: News

Anthony John Boram (1930-2005)

boram.jpgAnthony Boram was a highly respected journalist whose courage and determination helped to win the financial security of many pensioners. He founded the Association of Mirror Pensioners and fought on their behalf to rescue the pension funds plundered by Robert Maxwell.

St Bride's hosted his memorial service on January 18th 2006.

The Bidding Prayer - Canon David Meara

We gather in St Bride’s Fleet Street today to remember a remarkable man to whom many people have cause to be grateful. As a Director of the Mirror Group and then chairman of the Mirror Group Pensioners Association Tony Boram fought with great courage and determination to save thousands of pensioners from financial ruin.

I want to quote from a letter I received last week, which said:-

“I am 83, half blind and deaf, but I must say Tony Boram was Mr. Fleet Street. He should have been honoured for his work. My whole family were on the street, and I was at the Daily Mirror. A lot of my friends have passed on but their spirits will be at St Bride’s today. I am housebound but I too will be with you in spirit. God bless the lot of you, and thank God for giving us Tony Boram.”

Today we honour and pay tribute to a modest, principled and brave man, a consummate newspaperman who stood up to be counted when it mattered, and who in the words of the hymn was “valiant against disaster”. We place him in God’s care and keeping, as we echo the words of Bunyan’s hymn:-

“No foes shall stay his might,
Though he with giants fight:
He has made good his right
To be a pilgrim.”

Geoffrey Goodman began the second address with the words:

"Fleet Street is not renowned for its civilizing influences. It is often too busy trying to spell the word correctly.

But there are exceptions. Not too many mind you. But they have existed, one or two are still there, in wherever Fleet Street is situated these days.

I start with the theme of 'civilized values' because we are here today to celebrate the life and mourn the passing of an outstanding man who personified those values.

Anthony John Boram..."

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