St Bride's: News - "Honoured" bursary winner speaks of her hopes for the future

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St Bride's: News

"Honoured" bursary winner speaks of her hopes for the future

may_bulman.jpgMay Bulman will be the fourth recipient of the Guild of St Bride Journalism Bursary in September 2015.

What an honour. They were the words that kept going through my head as I sat in the service at St Bride's Church last Sunday.

As a young aspiring journalist, being supported by the spiritual home of the media to complete my Journalism MA at City University is about the best thing I could ask for.

Speaking to members of the congregation following the service, I realised that not only is the bursary going to be a huge financial help to me, but I also now have a special body of people behind me- many in the trade themselves- supporting me in my endeavour to become a successful journalist.

Having decided I wanted to go into journalism three years ago, I quickly realised that the only way to get there is to get on and do it. Go out. Find stories. Find my way into newsrooms. Write.

This is exactly what I did. From editing the Southampton Tab to writing articles in French for regional press out in Senegal, from getting a political scoop for The Mirror to fasting as part of a feature about Ramadan for my local paper, I've thrown myself into it.

There's no denying that it hasn't all been easy. It's taken persistence, self-motivation, risk-taking plus a lot of hard, unpaid working hours to get the wealth of experience and the portfolio of bylines I've had so far.

But I wouldn't change it for anything. I love the constant challenge that comes with being a journalist.

While print journalism may be branded a 'dying trade', I'm confident that communication of the news through the written word will not disappear, and I want to play a part in keeping the trade alive.

Seeing my words in print or onscreen, knowing they're being read by thousands, gives me a buzz like nothing else. I know how powerful a well-written, well-researched article can be, and hope to produce this kind of writing on a regular basis during my career.

With my bilingual capabilities and proven willingness to leave my comfort zone to report in foreign countries, I would like to use the hard skills I learn at City to work as a foreign correspondent for a while.

I hope that in doing this I can open UK readers' eyes to issues and customs in other parts of the world, which I believe is important both for developing a global awareness and for better understanding issues in our own country.

This will be no easy feat, so having the Guild behind me, supporting me through my time at City and remaining a close point of contact in the years that follow, will no doubt be hugely beneficial.

Winning this award has assured me that all the hard work I've put in so far has been worth it. As I go on to pursue my ambition, wherever my journalistic career might take me, St Bride's will remain an important part of it for helping me transform this passion into a profession.

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