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St Bride's: News

2016 Guild Bursary Scholarship

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James Sutton
2016 Guild Bursary Scholar

The last few days and weeks have been something of a challenge for the papers in their printed forms. What seemed a dead cert as the presses rolled the night before is now often inaccurate or irrelevant by mid-morning, such is the scale and the rate of the change all around us. For an industry trying to shake off a potentially fatal self-fulfilling prophesy - that 'print is dead' - this is probably the last thing it needs.

Of course, the paragraph above is precisely the same sort of doom and gloom as that prophesy. The country, just like the media, is undergoing a great deal of change, and it is currently rather difficult to see where either of them are heading.

Change can feel unsettling. Having graduated from Cambridge on the day after the EU referendum result emerged, I would be lying if I said that I hadn't had cause to wonder about the future, especially as I try to make a career in an industry which I'm frequently told is dying. The other side of the same coin, however, is the excitement which change can bring, and that's certainly what I'm feeling now.

With the autumn looking set to bring a new Prime Minister, and maybe even the prospect of another general election, I'll be looking ahead to moving to London from my home in the West Midlands, and starting on the MA in Newspaper Journalism at City University. And with all this change on the horizon, it is comforting to know that I have the support of the Guild of St. Bride, whose generous bursary will help to pay the fees for the Masters course. Not only this, but as I start the new academic year in a new city, I also have the opportunity to get involved in the wonderful community which surrounds the church and the Guild.

During my three years at university, I threw myself into student journalism, both writing for and ultimately serving as Editor for the student newspaper, Varsity. Student journalism has opened up an incredible range of writing opportunities for me, including interviews with Boris Johnson and Natalie Bennett, and investigations into university finances, academic complaints procedures and access issues within student societies. I have reported on some really exciting stories, including covering the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Races, and breaking the news in my very first term that Prince William was to study for a short while at the university.

Last summer, I was fortunate enough spend some time on the Books and Arts desks at The Times, and then with News Review at The Sunday Times. Combined with my experiences of student journalism, the time I spent there confirmed my long-held suspicion: yes, this is definitely the career for me.

And so I'm signing up for more of the same - excitement, change, and fast-paced news - in the hope of both learning how to do it right at City, and then ultimately stepping into the industry in the not too distant future.

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