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St Bride's: News

Pulpit swap to mark the Armistice Centenary

Pulpit swap to mark the Armistice Centenary

St Paul's Church, Lichterfelde, Berlin

The centenary of the Armistice marking the end of the First World War coincides with Remembrance Sunday on 11th November.

To mark this significant anniversary, the Rector and a German Pastor are exchanging pulpits in their respective churches. Alison will preach in St Paul's Church, Lichterfelde, Berlin, and Barbara Neubert will journey to St Bride's.


The Diocese of London and Berlin-Brandenburg established a partnership in 1999 and they enjoy close ties. The Protestant Evangelishe Church of St Paul's invited Alison to come and preach on this historic date. St Bride's was keen to have a visiting German pastor to preach here in her place, so the idea of the pulpit exchange came about.

For our Rector the significance of this pulpit exchange is more than purely symbolic: her grandfather survived the Battle of the Somme in 1916; and her father was a Prisoner of War in Germany during World War II. When his ship was torpedoed in March 1943, he survived because he was rescued by a passing German patrol boat - Alison owes her existence to the German navy!

The centenary of the Armistice will be a poignant occasion, as we reflect on the horrors of war. However, this pulpit exchange also symbolises, very powerfully, how lasting peace between previously warring nations can be achieved.

Join us on Sunday 11th November at 10:50am. The service will include the Last Post, Act of Remembrance and wreath laying. Our choir will be joined by the St Bride's Orchestra in a liturgical setting of Duruflé's Requiem Mass.

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