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Edward and Pamela Bevin - a golden wedding story

Edward and Pamela Bevin - a golden wedding story

Two of the longest serving members of the congregation, Edward and Pamela Bevin, celebrate their golden wedding on Friday November 27. It was on that day and date in 1970 when the then Rector, the charismatic Prebendary Dewi Morgan officiated before a small gathering of members of both families. After the service, a luncheon was held in the London Press Club, which was situated in a red brick, large house about 20 meters from the West End of the church.

Both Pamela and Edward had worked in Fleet Street, which in those days was 90 percent occupied by the newspaper industry.  Edward was Editor of a Wolverhampton newspaper and spent regular days at the London office, about 100 meters from the Glasgow Herald where Pamela was a librarian, although they had not met at the time. They were to meet at least 10 years later when they were both working for the London Borough of Barnet - Edward had switched from newspapers to the public relations profession.

They have remained with the St Bride's congregation ever since their very first visit, and their children, Clare, now a lawyer, and Julian, who is Head of English for Academic Purposes, in Doha, Qatar, were both baptized here. They have three grandchildren, Herbie, 21, Julian's only son, and Clare's children Alisha 17 and Poppy 14 - the latter also baptized in the church.  

Pamela has been closely involved with the bookshop with responsibility for the purchase of appropriate books and Edward is a member of the Guild. He has twice served on the Guild Council and is a regular intercessor.

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