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Robert Bryan

Robert Bryan

Apparently I'm only allowed 230 words (which works out at not very many words per year) so...

Brn: Nth Mddx. Hosp.
Ed: St Michael's, Tenbury; Woolverstone Hall, Ipswich; Fitzwilliam, Cambridge;
Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

At Univ. formed vocal group Cantabile which is main reason why biog. isn't long list of operatic roles (other reason is: can't stand opera) in fact, only one can think of is, aged 12, Polly Peachum in The Beggars' Opera (BBC Radio for schools) [How am I doing?..81!] With Cantabile: given over 3,000 perfs. Worldwide, cut 14 discs, jammed countless tapes, hit silver screen, big smash in West End (junction of Aldwych and Strand!) but despite violent tendencies remain more Punt Rock than Punk.

Took sabbatical from Cantabile - lasted most of '90's. Did fun stuff like season of tall acting in West End, singing with likes of Koopman, Christophers, Herreweghe, McCreesh and Litton (with whom have 200th share in Grammy), some musical misdirection for Ken Branagh on Peter's Friends (which won a Bafta, but somehow my statue got lost in the post-production) plus Arts Correspondent for BBC Radio Guernsey, and on the side co-founding Channel Island's first Montessori School, as you do. Now back in close harmony harness. [206 arrrgh] 2013 Cantabile in: most European countries (including Turkey, Romania, Gibraltar), Egypt, Canada and Clacton. [224... yesss... and they can't cut the next bit] But having been brought up in Fetter Lane, EC4, and coming from a family of journalists, I have to admit that singing at St Bride's is the nicest way of coming home.