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St Bride's: Music

Robert Bryan

Robert Bryan

Apparently I'm only allowed 230 words (which works out at not very many words per year) so...

Brn: Central Mddx. Hosp.
Ed: St Michael's, Tenbury; Woolverstone Hall, Ipswich; Fitzwilliam, Cambridge; Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

At Univ. formed vocal group Cantabile which is main reason why biog. isn't long list of operatic roles (other reason: can't stand opera). In fact, only opera can think of is, aged 12, Polly Peachum in The Beggars' Opera (BBC Radio for Schools). [How am I doing?..84!] With Cantabile: gave over 3,000 perfs. worldwide; cut 17 discs - including Chess in Concert with Josh Groban and Idina Menzel; jammed countless tapes; hit silver screen - Morons from Outer Space; big smash in West End (junction of Aldwych and Strand) - Blondel (written by Tim Rice and Stephen Oliver). But despite violent tendencies remain more Punt Rock than Punk.

Took sabbatical from Cantabile - lasted most of '90's. Did fun stuff like season of tall acting in West End (Unicorn Theatre); singing with likes of Koopman, Christophers, Herreweghe, McCreesh and Litton (with whom have 200th share in Grammy); some musical misdirection for Ken Branagh on Peter's Friends (which won a Bafta, but somehow my statuette got lost in the post-production) plus Arts Correspondent for BBC Radio Guernsey; and on the side co-founding Channel Island's first Montessori School, as you do. Then back in Cantabile's harmony harness [230... arrrgh] from 1997 to 2015. Then took a sabbatical year...then took another [243...tough! They can't cut the next bit] But having been brought up in Fetter Lane, EC4, and coming from a family of journalists, singing at St Bride's is the nicest way of coming home.