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Full church at St Bride's for the 2021 Journalists Commemorative Service

Review: Journalists’ Commemorative Service

Monday 15th November, 2021

Written by Lesley-Ann Jones, journalist & author Has journalism had its day? Or is it more important than ever, in our age of social media and fake news, to go to the ends of the earth to find the truth, and to tell it? These and other provocative questions were pondered at St Bride’s on […]

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photojournalists, journalists and others running from danger in Syria

We will remember them

Tuesday 9th November, 2021

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Paul Callan

Tuesday 5th October, 2021

As the Journalists’ Church, we have over the years held thanksgiving services for many well-known writers and broadcasters, who often attract the most fulsome of praise.  Paul Callan, whose life we are honoured to commemorate here today, is one of those rare journalists to whom the superlatives really do apply.  As we remember him with […]

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Journalist James Gillespie on motor scooter in Paris

James Gillespie

Wednesday 29th September, 2021

We are here to honour the memory and to celebrate the life of James Gillespie – Jim, as he was known to many of you in the world of journalism. The shock of his death, particularly in such appalling circumstances, was devastating to all who knew him, and it is never easy to come to […]

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congregation sitting for service


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