St Bride’s Church is committed to an active programme of social engagement, which means that our engagement with the wider world contributes generally to human flourishing and social justice.

  1. The principles underlying our social engagement
    The Christian faith has social engagement at its heart, and it is integral to the mission and ministry of all churches. The moral and social values that we strive to promote are shared by many people of other faiths, or who have no religious faith. Social engagement is integral to the culture and values of St Bride’s, and is part of our daily life as a church.
  2. Our existing practice
    At present our social engagement takes a variety of forms, which include:

    • Charitable donations.
    • Subsidising the visits of some charitable groups.
    • The ceremonial and liturgical celebration of significant events linked to people and organisations associated with social justice.
    • Engaging with issues of climate change and the protection of the environment (through, for example, our campaign to reduce the amount of plastic used by congregation members and supporters).
    • Supporting local charities, such as the Hackney Food Bank, and also international charities, through our annual Lent appeals.
    • As part of our distinctive ministry to the media industry, we support those working in journalism and related professions in a range of ways, both pastorally, and through charitable organisations.
  3. Social engagement in the future
    The Rector, Churchwardens, and PCC will continue to review the nature of its social engagement, and seek new ways of promoting issues of social justice, locally, nationally, and internationally.
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