St Bride's: News - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated 23/03/20: Following a statement from the Bishop of London, St Bride's Church is now closed to the public due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Further Information →

St Bride's: News

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated: 23rd March 2020

Throughout our extraordinary 1500 year history, the worship of St Bride's has continued unbroken despite some unimaginable challenges.

However, the present pandemic presents a very different challenge because public worship is not permitted and all serivce and events are suspended.

Here is the latest information about our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Opening Times

Following a statement from the Bishop of London, St Bride's is now closed to all visitors.

Worship and Events

In accordance with the instructions issued by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, in the interests of public health and safety, we regret that there will be no public acts of worship at St Bride's (Sundays and weekdays) until further notice. Sadly this will include the observation of Holy Week and Easter.

Yet the spirit of St Bride's is not easily quenched, and our ministry here continues in new and creative ways.

Our first digital endeavour is to bring our acts of worship into your home by creating all our cancelled choral services from our extensive archive of live recordings together with newly recorded readings, prayers and sermons.

These will be released each week to listen to online so that our sense of community can continue despite our physical separation. You can also listen via Souncloud at or search on Spotify for "St Bride's Church" to find and subscribe to our podcast.

First online service release, Choral Eucharist for Mothering Sunday, 22nd March at 11am followed by Choral Evensong at 5:30pm.

For further news and updates follow us on Twitter and Facebook or SUBSCRIBE to our emailing list.

Our recital series, guided tours and all other events have also been suspended for the time being.

Supporting one another

It has never been more important for us to support one another especially those who are vulnerable or in isolation. If you are in need, please contact the office on 020 7427 0133, or email Claire at If you are able to volunteer to help those in need, please use the same contact details.

Supporting the most vulnerable in our community

St Bride's was supporting Hackney Food Bank during Lent. Now the church has been closed, we are longer able to accept food donations for them. However, you can continue to support their work by donating to them online. Food banks need our help even more in these difficult times. You can find your local food bank online

Please keep us all in your prayers - as we shall be praying for you.

Canon Alison Joyce, Rector of St Bride's

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