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Sunday School

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The Princess of Wales visits Janet Smith and the Sunday School

For the last twenty five years, St Bride's has been indebted to Janet Smith and her daughters for the preparation and running of our Sunday School. Here, Janet briefly outlines the aims and activities of the School:

Since 1987 on a Sunday morning (except in the summer holidays) children of the church have had the opportunity to meet, talk and reflect on their beliefs in the comfort of the Sunday School. Older children (4-11 year olds) are invited to listen to and discuss a Bible story followed by prayers and singing then a weekly activity or games. The younger children (0-4 year olds) are invited to play with toys and read books as well as joining in with singing and prayers.

The Sunday School not only offers the parents of the church a safe place to leave their children, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the service without worrying about the disruption their children may be causing, but more importantly offers the children a welcoming place where they can come to know God in a context they can understand.