Music Scholars of James Allen’s Girls’ School

Monday 22nd March, 2021, at 1:15 pm

Free admittance
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The programme

Liliana Sierraflute; Viola Farbachviolin
Ola Kiezuncello; Safiya Williamspiano
Grace Muldowneyflute; Chloe Stiensharp
Betania Johnnyviolin; Liliana Sierraflute
Eilah Kolvinoboe; Charlotte Clare-Huntclarinet
Isabel Wattshorn; Isabella Guilarbassoon
Peter Grittonaccompanist
(JAGS Director of Music)

H Dutilleux

Sonatine (1943)

F Bridge

Valse Russe

W A Mozart

Concerto for flute and harp – Second Movement

H Wienawski

Concert No 2 – Second Movement

M de Falla

Danse Espagnole

F Bloggs

a nice piece of music

J Strauss II

Polka ‘Leichtes Blut’

The performers you hear today all hold Music Awards at James Allen’s Girls’ School in Dulwich, South-East London. They have gained this title on entry either at 11+ or at 16+, having shown exceptional musical ability in audition. While there are expectations of a Music Scholar to lead the way through their music, the chances are that the manner in which a JAGS Music Scholar deports herself comes naturally, sharing her musical gifts with others in the school community. The standard of music-making at JAGS is high and there is tremendous enthusiasm for performing, so Music Scholars are able to utilize their talents within a flourishing environment. The Scholars are often the leaders of a lively symphonic and chamber music scene at the school.

The ethos of the Music Department, and indeed of the whole school, is to be ambitious and inclusive. Jazz and pop groups feature at events throughout the year. Developing leadership skills and fostering teamwork are given much weight in the JAGS education, so there is a student-led Gospel Choir, as well as events in which the girls themselves feature prominently among the organisers, such as PopFest and the House Music competitions. JAGS has pupils from many different backgrounds and strong community links. The Symphony and Chamber Orchestras at JAGS perform mainstream symphonic repertoire. Choral singing goes from strength to strength with JAGS Holst Choir frequently being asked to sing semichorus roles in London venues such as Cadogan Hall and the Royal Festival Hall.

Both Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst used to be Directors of Music at JAGS; the Holst Hall has long been the spiritual centre of the school, but with the recent completion of a brand new state-of-the-art Community Music Centre and its Vaughan Williams Auditorium, it is probably the only institution to contain halls named after both composers. Musicians of the highest calibre pass through the school’s precincts, honing their musical gifts within a full and rounded academic education. At entry, some girls consider applying for specialist music schools, but since JAGS operates at the cutting edge of girls’ education in Britain for the brightest girls, it is capable of providing a holistic education that is regarded by many as second to none. Presently, some Music Scholars are members of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, London Schools Symphony Orchestra and Pro Corda; importantly in this context, when Music Scholars reach the 6th Form, pursuing music as a career could be realistically considered but, with a full and edifying JAGS education under their belt, they would have the choice to follow another vocation. However, some do go on to a career in Music.

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