Online Recital: The Funny Bones Trombone Quartet

Thursday 6th June, 2024, at 1:15 pm

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The Programme

Amelia Lewis – tenor trombone
Jack Myles – tenor trombone
Miguel Zoco Sesma – tenor trombone
Cameron Bahmaie – bass trombone

Recorded live at St Bride’s on Friday 17th May.

Simon Wills

Sonata for Trombones

P I Tchaikovsky

String Quartet in D, Op 11
ii. Andante cantabile

arranged Jack Myles

Eugène Bozza

Trois pièces pour une musique de nuit
arranged Cameron Bahmaie

Anton Bruckner

Locus Iste
arranged Seth T Vatt

David Faleris

City of Arts and Sciences


The Artists

The Funny Bones are an ensemble formed at the Royal Academy of Music in the heart of London, brought together by their mutual love of chamber music and the way it can be expressed so uniquely through the trombone. They aspire to extend this love of their music as far as they can, enjoying not only the traditional trombone repertoire but also writing many arrangements for the group themselves, with the aim to curate a diverse array of pieces which can cater to the strengths of each player in the quartet.

The ensemble are the 2024 winners of the Musicians’ Company Brass Ensemble Prize, leaving them delighted to be Young Artists of the Company. The group are proud to be under the tutelage of the likes of Ian Bousfield, Peter Moore, Matthew Gee and Bob Hughes, which they believe has been an important factor in their success as an ensemble. Collectively, the members of The Funny Bones have performed at numerous prestigious venues, such as the Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, the Auditorio Nacional de España and as a group are proud to have recently performed at Regent Hall and within the Royal Academy of Music.

In the future, the group is planning to travel abroad together and share their playing with other countries, with upcoming trips to include Germany and Spain.

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