Recital: Michiko Shimanuki – piano

Tuesday 14th November, 2023, at 1:15 pm

Retiring Collection

The Programme

Michiko Shimanuki – piano

Joseph Haydn

Sonata in A flat major, Hob XVI/46
i. Allegro moderato
ii. Adagio
iii. Finale: Presto

Claude Debussy

Hommage à Haydn

I. Pagodes
II. La soirée dans Grenade
III. Jardins sous la pluie

Michiko Shimanuki

December Rose

from ‘Picturesque stars’
Aries, Leo Minor and Libra

Diana Burrell

Constellations I and II
Constellation III – The Little Bear
Constellation IV – Libra

The Artist

Michiko Shimanuki studied with the late Dame Fanny Waterman, the late Kendall Taylor CBE, Aquiles Delle Vigne and other prominent pianists in Europe and Japan. She spent her twenties giving concerts and then went on to study composition.

She was awarded a full scholarship to study with Betsy Jolas at the masterclass at the Academie de Musicale de Villecroze in 2003 and completed her PhD in Composition at King’s College London in 2011. Since 2004, Michiko’s music has been performed by the London New Wind Ensemble, Ian Mitchell, Ellie Blackshaw, David Sutton Anderson in London, Hertfordshire, Brighton and at St George’s Bristol. Every year since 2009 the London New Wind Ensemble have premiered Michiko’s works which range from pieces for solo instrument (oboe, bass clarinet, violin and piano), duo, woodwind trios to woodwind and string ensembles. Michiko has had her music broadcast on radio stations specialising in women composers and contemporary music in the UK, USA and the Netherlands since 2014. One of her compositions was released by Ablaze Records USA in January 2015.

Michiko resumed performing in 2011 and has given concerts in London, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire and Brighton. In 2018 Michiko gave a recital of contemporary music at the Borough New Music in London including a premiere of a piece specially composed for her by Barry Mills, as well as works by composers such as Diana Burrell, Edwin Roxburgh and Poul Ruders. In 2019 she celebrated Barry Mills and John Hawkins’ 70th Birthday performing their music in London, Hertfordshire and Brighton.

During the pandemic Michiko’s composition A Beautiful Creature, for solo bass clarinet, was premiered and live streamed on Youtube in 2020, and in 2021 her piano solo piece December Rose was premiered in London. In October 2021 Michiko recorded Winter Images composed by Barry Mills for her, on Claudio Records, and the album WINTER IMAGES is soon to be released. Michiko also recorded Three Pieces for Michiko written by Barry Mills, which she premiered at St Bride’s last year. Michiko’s own piano pieces, Dead Still, Another Life and Climbing Roses were broadcast on Radio Monalisa in the Netherlands in December 2021.

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