"Live" Recitals restart

Recitals “live” again

The sun was streaming through the windows, birdsong was louder than the subdued bustle of Fleet Street, and in St Bride’s, on Friday 11th September, a socially distanced audience was eagerly awaiting the start of our first live recital in six months.

The young prize-winning pianist Tyler Hay did not disappoint. He enthralled us with a Beethoven sonata, Chopin waltzes and a pyrotechnic introduction to the music of Friedrich Kalkbrenner – considered in the 1820s to be the finest pianist in Europe.

Aside from entrancing us with his playing, Tyler charmed us with his wittily informative spoken introductions, all delivered without a microphone – no mean feat in St Bride’s ‘generous’ acoustic. No surprise, therefore, that the audience expressed their appreciation by refusing to let him leave before playing not one but two encores.

For this perfect start to our Autumn Recital Series we must obviously thank Tyler, but also our vergers who conscientiously shepherded the, at times, uncertain audience; our office team and webmaster for programmes, posters and website promotion; our risk assessment team for creating the environment accredited by Visit England “We’re Good to Go” for meeting public health Covid-19 guidelines; and of course our audience who, together with Tyler, provided that real-time interactive magic you can only achieve in live performance.

Why not experience the magic yourself in the coming weeks? Our upcoming September recitals are listed on our Recitals page.

Written by: Bob Bryan

Posted On: Wednesday 16th September, 2020

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