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A Song for the Season of Creation

A Song for the Season of Creation

Following their successful Plastic-less Lent campaign in 2018, St Bride's Choir was approached to help produce a song for Creationtide by the Church of England's Environment Working Group.

Malcolm Guite's words have been set to music by Ian Stephens in a number of arrangements suitable for choirs and singing groups of all ranges and sizes. Scores are all available for free from the links below.

It is hoped that A Song for the Season of Creation will be performed in churches throughout the land, either as part of Season of Creation services or Harvest Festivals.

The anthem is a song of praise for God's Creation and a timely reminder of our duty of stewardship to protect & enhance the environment in which we live.

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Score Downloads

Conductor's Score PDF

Unaccompanied Mixed Choir (SS, AA, TT, BB) PDF

Upper Voice Choir (S, S, A) + keyboard PDF

Male Voice Choir (T, Bar, B) + keyboard PDF

Mixed Voice Choir (S, A, Men) + keyboard PDF

Unison Voices + keyboard PDF

Unison Voices + simplified keyboard chords PDF

Lead Sheet PDF

Everything holds together

by Malcolm Guite

Everything holds together, everything,
From stars that pierce the dark like living sparks,
To secret seeds that open every spring,
From spanning galaxies to spinning quarks,
Everything holds together and coheres,
Unfolding from the center whence it came.
And now that hidden heart of things appears,
The first-born of creation takes a name.

And shall I see the one through whom I am?
Shall I behold the one for whom I'm made,
The light in light, the flame within the flame,
Eikon tou theou, image of my God?
He comes, a little child, to bless my sight,
That I might come to him for life and light.

Rehearsal Audio Files

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