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Robert Jones, Organist

Robert Jones
Director of Music

The Choir of St Bride's, Fleet Street is proud to be the first adult professional choir, and also the first London church choir to offer web-casting of services. This is very fitting for a church with such strong media links, and I hope it will bring the distinctive and exciting sound of the St. Bride's choir to a wider audience.

For those who have not heard us before, the choir is an ensemble of 12 professional soloists, enhanced by the wonderful acoustics of Wren's church and the magnificent Compton organ. The choir is famed for its versatility, and is equally at home in operatic excerpts and popular arrangements, but the traditional Anglican repertoire is at the heart of what we do.

Choral Evensong with Sermon in Music: Trinity XVListen Online

Sunday 13th September

Responses: Sumsion
Psalm: 119: 73-80
Setting: Evening Service in D - Wood
Sermon in Music: i) Set me as a seal upon thine heart - Walton;
ii) Where does the uttered music go? - Walton

Choral Evensong: Trinity XIVListen Online

Sunday 6th September

Responses: Reading
Psalm: 119: 49-56
Setting: Evening Service in F - Wise
Anthem: Insanae et vanae curae - Haydn

Choral Evensong: Trinity XIIIListen Online

Sunday 20th August

Setting: Communion Service in G - Whitlock
Canticle: Jubilate from The Great Service - Tomkins
Anthem: Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom - Tomkins

Choral Evensong: Trinity XIListen Online

Sunday 16th August

Responses: Morley
Psalm: 92
Setting: Short Service in the Dorian mode - Tallis
Anthem: O Lord, arise - Weelkes

Choral Eucharist: Trinity XListen Online

Sunday 9th August

Setting: Missa Brevis in F, K192 ('Kleine Credo Messe') - Mozart
Psalm: 34: 1-8
Anthem: King of Glory - Bach arr Harris

Choral Evensong with Sermon in Music: Trinity XListen Online

Sunday 9th August

Responses: Ebdon
Psalm: 91
Setting: Evening Service in E minor - D Purcell
Sermon in Music: Ascribe unto the Lord - Travers

The Pen is Mightier than the SwordListen Online

Wednesday 5th November

A service to commemorate and celebrate all those in the media industry whose mission to bring us the news faces peril and uncertainty

View Order of Service & Transcripts of Addresses and Readings

As consumers of news in a fast-changing world, we demand a great deal of our journalists and foreign correspondents. We expect them to keep us informed about difficult and complex situations in the trouble spots of the world, often at great personal risk, and sometimes, tragically, they pay the ultimate price.

So it is important that, as representatives of the media industry and the public life of this nation, we honour their memory in this service and remind ourselves of their sacrifice to bring us the truth.

Journalists, cameramen and support staff have always been casualties during the conflicts they are sent to cover. In recent years more journalists than ever have lost their lives and in many parts of the world are now regarded as “legitimate targets” within the conflict zones of the world. The atrocious executions of journalists and other citizens during 2014 have further challenged us to comprehend the extremes of human behaviour.

This year, we are particularly conscious of the barbarism of various factions in the Middle East and elsewhere, but we come together as journalists, and celebrate the priceless value of freedom of speech, as we demonstrate that the Pen is, indeed, mightier than the Sword.

Journalists' Memorial Service: A Mission in PerilListen Online

Tuesday 12th November

Celebrating The Media in Troubled Times

A service to commemorate and celebrate all those in the media industry whose mission to bring us the news faces peril and uncertainty was held at St Bride's Church on Tuesday 12th November at 6:30pm.

View Order of Service & Transcripts of Lindsey Hilsum's Address and Readings


The word 'mission' implies a sense of vocation, a calling to go to the frontiers and trouble-spots of the world to understand, to interpret and to bear witness. It is a word with unmistakably religious connotations but it is also an appropriate description of the journalist's duty to keep in touch with all that is happening in the world, to spot the events of significance, and to relay them to others in a form which can be readily understood.

Public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. As journalists we further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Recent events in the Middle East and especially in Syria have highlighted the importance of accurate reporting on the ground and the risks associated with this.

This year, our title 'A Mission In Peril: Celebrating The Media in Troubled Times' refers not only to those on the front line, but to everyone in an industry which more than ever faces perils now and uncertainty ahead.

So tonight we remember once again all whose mission it is to bring us the news, sometimes at terrible cost, and we celebrate the profession of journalism, and the priceless value of freedom of speech.

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