Candle burning at journalists' altar with a prayer for those reporting from Ukraine

The Press under Pressure

Written by The Revd Canon Dr Alison Joyce, Rector of St Bride’s

The unfolding horror of the invasion of Ukraine has confronted us all with the shocking and stark reality of war – the more startling for those of us in this part of the globe because, unlike so many other recent conflicts, this one is taking place on European soil.

It has also highlighted the critically important role played by journalists in reporting and interpreting events in conflict zones.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, whose lives are being torn apart by the present conflict, and also to the volunteers who, often at considerable personal cost, seek to come to their aid.

We should also acknowledge and honour the courage and dedication of the journalists and their support teams who risk their personal safety, and sometimes their lives, to report and interpret these events, and to tell the stories that would otherwise remain untold.

This is of critical importance because the true cost of war is always to be witnessed in its impact on the lives of individuals: it is there that we witness most acutely the courage and compassion, as well as the barbarity, of which human beings are capable.

As the Journalists’ Church, we offer support to all journalists and their support staff; film crews, photographers, producers, interpreters and editors. Those who are currently working inside Ukraine, as well as those who are endeavouring to report independently from elsewhere, have been much in our prayers from the first day of the invasion.

As the conflict began to unfold, I sent, on behalf of St Bride’s, assurances of our support to a number of our journalists, who were reporting from key locations in the conflict. We were profoundly moved to receive messages back from some of them, including Lyse Doucet and Lindsey Hilsum, which served to remind us of the significance of this ministry.

It was this, together with requests from organisations within St Bride’s geographical parish that have journalists working in Ukraine, that prompted us to organise a special service, on Thursday 24th March at 11:30 am, to remember and support all those reporting on the conflict in Ukraine.

For further information about the service and how to register to receive a reminder and updates click here.

A special service to remember and support all those reporting the Ukraine conflict

Posted On: Tuesday 15th March, 2022

congregation sitting for service


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