St Bride's: Music


St Bride's has held a lunchtime recital series for over 25 years.

It's a wonderfully relaxing way to take a break and change your focus. Admission is free and the recitals last for up to 45 minutes.

Performers range from young students gaining performance experience to large visiting college choirs from America. Many of the recitalists are experienced performers trying out new programmes and include regular members from our own professional choir.

Recitals are on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:15pm throughout the year except for Lent, August and December.

If you are a performer who would like to give a recital please email Claire Seaton on recitals@stbrides.comwith your CV and you will be contacted directly.


Recent Recitalists: Duo Concertante, Ingrid Cusido, Waldergrave Ensemble & Adam Brown

Forthcoming Recitals

Friday 12th February - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital: Stuart Raeburn – tenor, Michael Hodges – piano, and Piers Burton Page – narrator

Tuesday 16th February - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital: The Blaze Ensemble

Friday 19th February - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital: Eleanor Broomfield - soprano, and Seán Morgan Rooney - piano

Tuesday 23rd February - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital:Isabelle Durin – violin, and Anne-Laure Lasseaux – piano

Friday 26th February - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital:Mervyn Hogg – organ

Tuesday 1st March - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital

Friday 4th March - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital

Tuesday 8th March - 1:15 PM

Lunchtime Recital