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Celebrating 1500 years of Brigid of Kildare

Published: 27th Tuesday 2024 Read more

Review: Journalists’ Commemorative Service 2023

Published: 14th Tuesday 2023 Read more

Fire in the City

Published: 27th Friday 2023 Read more

Strengthening our Celtic connections

Published: 26th Monday 2023 Read more

Masonary workshop in celebration of Wren300

Published: 18th Thursday 2023 Read more

Honouring St Brigid of Kildare

Published: 14th Tuesday 2023 Read more

Bursary winner visits the FT

Published: 13th Friday 2023 Read more

Review: Journalists’ Commemorative Service 2022

Published: 10th Thursday 2022 Read more

Bach and friends at St Bride’s

Published: 8th Monday 2022 Read more

A long-delayed pilgrimage

Published: 4th Thursday 2022 Read more

Easter Review

Published: 27th Friday 2022 Read more

Journalists and their teams – the other casualties of war

Published: 24th Thursday 2022 Read more

The Press under Pressure

Published: 15th Tuesday 2022 Read more

A Lenten read

Published: 25th Friday 2022 Read more

Review: Journalists’ Commemorative Service

Published: 15th Monday 2021 Read more

Hostage Vigils at St Bride’s: 30 years on

Published: 11th Wednesday 2021 Read more

(Nearly) full service has resumed!

Published: 4th Wednesday 2021 Read more

North American ties

Published: 6th Tuesday 2021 Read more

Peter Silver

Published: 9th Wednesday 2021 Read more

Scotland’s gain is St Bride’s loss

Published: 11th Tuesday 2021 Read more

Guild of St Bride’s journalism bursary – the first decade

Published: 29th Friday 2021 Read more

Edward and Pamela Bevin – a golden wedding story

Published: 29th Sunday 2020 Read more

Olsen Lecture 2020 Review: “The Mayflower 400 years on”

Published: 23rd Friday 2020 Read more

#RememberingJohn Schofield

Published: 4th Tuesday 2020 Read more

Exploring our pictorial history

Published: 3rd Monday 2020 Read more

Book Review: Faith in the City of London

Published: 23rd Tuesday 2020 Read more

Obituary: Revd Wallace Boulton

Published: 1st Friday 2020 Read more

Commemorating our past

Published: 30th Thursday 2020 Read more

“The Thunderer” launched at Stationer’s Hall

Published: 21st Monday 2019 Read more

On topic Olsen Lecture at start of inaugural Global Conference for Media Freedom

Published: 31st Wednesday 2019 Read more

A Song for the Season of Creation

Published: 26th Sunday 2019 Read more

A new song

Published: 26th Friday 2019 Read more

Beyond the Darkness

Published: 29th Wednesday 2018 Read more

Plastic Less Lent: A new St Bride’s Choir adventure

Published: 9th Friday 2018 Read more

The travelling spire

Published: 15th Tuesday 2017 Read more

Rupert and Jerry confirm their vows

Published: 5th Saturday 2016 Read more

St Bride’s to gain a Curate

Published: 25th Wednesday 2015 Read more

Robert Jones Silver Anniversary

Published: 26th Thursday 2014 Read more

The Retirement of the Venerable David Meara

Published: 1st Sunday 2013 Read more

What Christmas means to me

Published: 29th Thursday 2012 Read more

Royal Wedding Party

Published: 12th Thursday 2011 Read more

Climate change and the church: will religion be our saviour?

Published: 15th Thursday 2007 Read more
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