St Bride's: News - Guildsman David Barclay dies at the age of 84

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St Bride's: News

Guildsman David Barclay dies at the age of 84

David and Joan Barclay.jpg

David Barclay and his wife, Joan

David's memorial will be held at St Bride's on Wednesday 20th November at 11:30am.

David Barclay, one of the doyen and most popular members of the Guild of St Bride since 1979, died on June 20th aged 84, after a long illness, writes Edward Bevin.

He had been battling cancer for many years but still advanced through life with a cheerful manner. He had a great love of sacred music, as well as the opera.   During the time his work took him to the Midlands, he sang in Birmingham Cathedral Choir and on returning to London, he and his wife Joan began to worship at St Bride's.

Along with Guild members Edward Bevin, Eric Davies and Alec Hithersay David was a Wandsman of St Paul's Cathedral, a post he had held since May 1994. Ill health forced him to retire and he became a Wandsman Emeritus. Due to personal reasons, Alec has also joined the list.

Terence Smith, the Guild Marshal, writes:-

David had been ill for a number of years, but he never let it get him down and continued with his Guild duties for much of this time.  When he first joined the Guild he was part of the morning rota, mainly as a reader but always willing to do other duties when needed.

This flexibility was most noticeable when he joined the evening rota, where as many Guild members are aware, there has for a long time been a far greater need for Guildsmen.

Having joined the evening team it was not long before he played a much bigger role than just carrying out normal Guild duties. I and many others feel that without David (also not forgetting Alec Hithersay) there have been times when the evening rota would have ceased to function completely.

David was not only a member of the Guild, he was also a member of the PCC and during the early 1990s he served as Secretary. He is survived by his wife Joan.

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