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Awards for moving TV documentary: a connection with St Bride's

dowland.jpgMark Dowd, who took part in the popular talks in the "Dignity of Difference" series at Choral Eucharist during Lent this year and who is a frequent worshipper at St Bride's, has gained two major awards for his moving documentary Tsunami: Where was God? transmitted on Channel 4 television on Christmas Day 'in a courageous slot against Doctor Who!' as Mark puts it.

Radio Times readers voted it the best documentary of 2005. Five programmes were listed, including the BBC 2 Monastery series. Mark's film was awarded 50% of the popular vote. Says Mark: "This showed that the viewers really felt strongly about watching a two-hour programme dealing with the dilemmas for faith posed by the 2004 disaster, even though the programme got fewer than a million viewers on Christmas night!"

The other award was from the Sandford St Martin Trust, established in 1978 to recognise and to promote excellence in religious broadcasting.

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