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Come and see the sponge-scraper at St Bride's

St Brides cake model.jpg

A spectacular five-foot high model of St Bride's, made entirely of sponge cake will be on display in the Church from Monday 25th June.

Generously commissioned by John Robertson Architects, the firm responsible for the refurbishment of one of our near neighbours the Daily Express building, the cake has been produced in aid of the INSPIRE! appeal.

Part of this year's London Festival of Architecture, the cake will be cut by John Robertson and appeal Patron Michael Bear following the inaugural Wren talk which is being delivered by Sir Terry Farrell at St Bride's on Thursday 28th June.

So, if you want to see whether it tastes as good as it looks come and join us then!

Tickets for the Wren Talk can be booked here:

For more information about John Robertson Architects please visit the firm's website: or follow them on Twitter @JRArchitects.

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