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Online retailers donate to INSPIRE! for every penny you spend

giving machine.jpgAmazon, M & S, John Lewis, eBay, Sainsbury's, Next and a host of other retailers have agreed to donate a percentage of your online shopping to a charity of your choice via the TheGivingMachine - the only not for profit, social enterprise helping shoppers generate free cash donations for the causes they want to support, every time they shop online.

Shop through TheGivingMachine website and every purchase will raise money for the Inspire! Appeal at no additional cost to you. The donation comes directly from the retailer and can be worth up to 10% of your purchase.

How to get involved:-

  • Click here to register at TheGivingMachine (very simply, no finanical details needed)
  • Select St Bride's Church Inspire! Appeal as one of your beneficiaries
  • Click continue shopping and choose your retailer

Each time you shop, log in at TheGivingMachine then proceed on to your retailer. (Full list of retailers.)

Please join today. Every penny you spend helps contribute funds to the Inspire! Appeal to restore St Bride's.

Nicola Smith has kindly set this up this; if you have any questions please email her at

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