St Bride's: News - Marketors maintain strong connections with the church

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St Bride's: News

Marketors maintain strong connections with the church

marketors.jpgStrong connections between St Bride's and the Worshipful Company of Marketors were further established in the church on January 21. At Eucharist that morning, the newly-installed Master, Keith Arundale was in church for a blessing and was accompanied by his wife Kathy.

They were supported by the immediate past Master Roger de Pilkyngton and the new Senior Warden, John Fisher. The following background details will be of interest:

The Worshipful Company of Marketors
The Marketors Livery Company was granted Letters Patent by the Corporation of the City of London in 1978. The Company's mission is to promote excellence in marketing practice and education, support for the interests of 'The City' as well as fellowship amongst its members. This it does through its extensive programme of Marketors Awards, Outreach and Think Tank Programmes, annual City Lecture, and the many activities carried out by members of the Livery under the guidance each year of the Master of the Company.

The Marketors' Company is the 90th in the City of London Roll of 103 Livery Companies. Twenty-five 'Modern' Livery Companies have been created since 1926, a gap of 400 years since the previous Company, the Carmen, was granted its charter in 1517. All of the Modern Livery Companies are directly concerned with maintaining high standards in a particular craft or profession, as well as supporting the City's traditions and contributing generously to charitable causes, hospitals and schools.

In 1971 Lord Mais approached the Institute of Marketing (now styled the Chartered Institute) to ask if they would organise his Lord Mayor's show due to take place in November 1972. The theme for his year was "The world is our market" which was later adopted by the Institute itself. Tony Bellm who was National Chairman at the time readily agreed to help.

In 1972 a Working Party was set up under the chairmanship of the late Reggie Bowden with the object of forming a City Guild. The Working Party consisted of Fellows of the Institute of Marketing, five of whom were former National Chairmen. This initiative was supported by Lord Mais, who believed there was a need for the voice of marketing to be heard in the City. Reggie Bowden became the first Master of the Guild, which was formed on April 1st, 1975.
In April 1978, Letters Patent were presented to the Guild enabling it to become the 90th Company on the City Roll of Livery Companies.

Following custom, the Company established strong links with one of the City churches - St Bride's in Fleet Street - whose present Rector, Canon David Meara is chaplain to the Company.

In keeping with the tradition of older Livery Companies, in 1977 the Company "adopted" 151 (London) Transport Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps, which has seen active service in Iraq. There is a close relationship on a personal level between the Worshipful Company of Marketors, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and other marketing organisations, but one that is entirely independent of the others.

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