St Bride's: News - Book tokens for schools is a great success

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St Bride's: News

Book tokens for schools is a great success


Nicola Smith, who assists mother Janet in running the Sunday School at St Bride's, has expressed a 'huge thank you' to everyone who has been collecting The Times Books for schools tokens.

More than 3,500 tokens have been collected, and with books starting from just 10 tokens each, this will 'enable us to buy a variety of books for use throughout the school,' she says. The newspaper's scheme will restart in September and Nicola is urging everyone to look out for them in the autumn.

Any tokens still remaining should leave them at church over the summer or send them to her as they can still be used to buy books after the summer break.

Nicola, whose school is Beddington Infants, where she is deputy head, in the London Borough of Sutton, adds: 'Thank you also if you collected any other tokens, such as Sainsbury's or Tesco's. These too have been sent off and exchanged for a whole variety of resources from tennis balls to digital cameras.

'The children would also like to thank you for your support in providing them with more books and equipment in their school.'

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